Galiano Island

Size:57 square kilometres
Ferry Landing:Sturdies Bay
Map of Galiano Island
Galiano Island

Galiano offers small town ambiance in a tranquil forest to shore setting. The island is 27.5 kms long and never more than 6 kms wide. This narrow, very rural island is the closest to the Mainland, and has three commercial areas: Sturdies Bay where the ferry docks; the Georgeson Bay/Porlier Pass Road intersection; and Montague Harbour. Camping is allowed in Montague Harbour Provincial Park and in Dionisio Provincial Park. At present, the second park can only be accessed by boat.

Recreational activities include kayaking, diving, golfing, fishing, cycling and sailing. Hiking trails are found on Bodega Ridge, Mount Galiano, Bluff Park and Pebble Beach Reserve.

Galiano Island

In recent years, a number of visitors have come to the island to attend the Gulf Islands Film and Television School, located mid-island. Students from the school have produced award-winning work from their intensive week-long courses.

Georgeson Bay, Galiano
Morning Beach, Galiano Island

For more information, please visit the Galiano Island Chamber of Commerce website.

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