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Bird's Eye View

Bird's Eye View

A view from the top of Mt. Parke
Mayne Island

Debbie Bowles picture
Debbie Bowles

Born and raised in England, I've enjoyed creating art from the time I was given my first colouring set at a tender age. I've endeavoured to retain that element of joy throughout my work ever since.

Having roamed far and wide, I moved to Canada fifteen years ago and now enjoy nurturing my creative spirit amongst the tranquil surroundings of Mayne Island.

Inspired by my love of mother nature, the play of light and shadow, bold colours and patterns, I use a variety of media to reflect the wide ranging subjects which capture my imagination. I also love to introduce an element of wit into my work on occasion, fueled by a dry Yorkshire sense of humour...

I've been lucky enough to have my art featured on t‑shirts and posters. Some pictures live on local walls whilst others have gone abroad. I also sell my art as greetings cards.

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